Four Critical Changes in City Branding

To provide context we’ll start with developments that have completely upended everything we knew about marketing. First the arrival of the Internet and its rapid technological advances. Second is the rise of global branding. Consider how these two changes have helped redistribute the US economy: since 2000, small communities and airports (read, rural) have seen their citizen base and customer base dwindle as the best and brightest young people flee to larger cities where they find better jobs, more diversity, and more choices.

Economic Development and the Future of Small Airports

I recently met with Dion Viventi, P.E., CFI, Managing Director of The Rocky Mount – Wilson Airport. The airport is an hour east of the central Research Triangle area and serves Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson counties and some overflow from RDU. RWI is a new client for BBG, and we will begin Phase I of a long-term branding assignment in late November.

The purpose of this interview was to get Dion’s perspective on both the future of General Aviation and how smaller airports including General Aviation only airports, contribute to economic development in their surrounding towns and counties.