4 Steps to Ensure A Successful Rebrand

The most successful re-brands use input from all employees and stakeholders. Of course, this is easier said than done, as everyone has their opinions and thoughts of the brand, and someone has to steer the ship toward brand success. A strong brand is created using an “all-in” approach.

The Genesis Path to more effective branding

Branding can be as frustrating and counterproductive as a hammer designed by a committee, or as simple and effective as a couple of smart people understanding how the customer comes to trust and prefer a company or product. Branding requires digging into the organization and either defining or re-enforcing the way the value of the enterprise is expressed.

Brands are not created equal

As a marketing manager you may know that your city, state, airport, or regionally themed restaurant, did not start this year on an equal footing with Eagle Brand Condensed Milk. There are many reasons, such as some place-based entities have stakeholders who don’t believe the rules governing brand awareness, trust and preference apply to them.

Places, Services and Things: Invest in your brand, then execute.

We’ve been connecting brands to execution (the stories we tell) for years. Sometimes, as with a pharmaceutical client, the stories executed are not so much about products but the brands value to its audience and how its mission affects their lives.

Check your brand’s health…before it’s too late.

Just like a flu shot, a brand needs regular check-ups to ensure the brand identity is strong and healthy. Here is marketing’s chance to get ahead of the symptoms before they cause lasting damage. This is where the brand audit comes in.

Powerful Technology for Undiscovered Places

Human built places can’t exist without the technology called our brain. It is also the brain that decides how to communicate with other brains to create desire for places and things. It is the unique human brain that figures out how to persuade other humans to act in certain ways.

5 Signs You Might Need External Help With Your Branding

Knowing how to fix a business-related problem is hard enough, but the task is exponentially more difficult if you don’t know what your problem is or where it starts.

Generating Awareness vs. Persuading Your Audience

Awareness and persuasion should not be either/or. The best brands do both with the same budget. Every effort to generate awareness has the potential to leverage brand positioning, and positioning is essential in persuading prospects to buy and buy again.